Oh if we had a dollar for every time we heard "I can't look like that!". All the women you see in our images are REAL women, just like you and me. They are stay-at-home moms, nurses, doctors, veterinarians, brides-to-be, etc. They are women on a weight loss journey, wanting to make a gift, wanting to prove to themselves that they are still sexy after having kiddos, or looking for a self-confidence boost (and let me tell you this ALWAYS happens whether you are looking for it or not). There is no shape, size or age that you have to be to have a Boudoir Session. It is literally for every woman and we firmly believe that every woman DESERVES to feel beautiful, sexy, confident and empowered.

So while you are sitting there thinking you can't look like that...I am here to tell you, you can!  We coach you through this entire process. We you do not have to know "how to be sexy" (is that even a thing?) or we will never ask you for a sexy face (again, not a thing). Now, I will toot our own horn a little bit here. We are REALLY GOOD at what we do and we guarantee that you too "will look like that!"

I have never done this before. I'm nervous!

We completely understand the nerves that can go along with a boudoir session. We get that it's not every day that you call up complete stranger to take pictures of you in your panties. ha! We do everything we can to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your session. We never expect anyone to walk through our door and know what to do, and really, what to expect. We walk you through the entire process! Everyone walks in with some nerves and leaves saying "That was nothing like I expected! That was so much fun!"

We do recommend an in-studio consultation to calm nerves. It helps because come session day you are not walking in to complete strangers and a strange place.

I don’t know how to pose sexy! Will you help?

YES, ma'am!! We are going to direct and guide you through the entire session. We get into the pose to show you how it looks, and then we help you get into the pose. We help you every step of the way, from your fingers to your toes. We will direct and coach you throughout the entire session to ensure that we capture your most natural poses, movement, and expressions of emotion. We are women too and we all have had our own sessions. We shoot with a woman's eye and know what you are thinking before you even think it!

Will my images be made public?

We understand the delicate and intimate nature of your images and we respect every client's privacy. Every client has the choice to either decline the model release, keeping her images off the internet and inside the studio, or release her images to be used outside of the studio. If you choose to release your images, your images may be posted to Facebook (don't worry, we will never tag you), on our website, in our blog posts and featured on our marketing materials. If you choose to sign a release, we NEVER use your name on any posts and we do not tag you on Facebook in your images. Your gallery and images stay anonymous on our end. You are more than welcome to tag yourself in any image posted and share from our website and Facebook page as long as the watermark stays present. 

Do you offer hair and makeup?

YES! Hair and Makeup is included with our Dream Experience and can be added on to our Petite Experience. You will spend approximately one hour in hair and makeup being pampered by one of our amazing artists before we start your session.

Do I bring my own wardrobe or do you provide it?

You will bring your own. When you arrive, we will lay out all of your wardrobe and go through it with you helping you choose the perfect pieces. We do suggest bringing a few extra options. 
We also have a large variety of heels in sizes 6-11, so if you don't have heels, don't feel like you have to run out and buy a pair.

**Please try on all of your wardrobe pieces before your session at either studio to ensure everything fits properly and you are comfortable in it. 

Do you photograph Pin-Up or Burlesque style?

We do not. Our studios are not set up for the traditional cheesecake pin-up with solid backdrops and props. Our studios host real home-like environments therefore we keep our style true to modern boudoir. We are happy to photography vintage lingerie!

I have very specific ideas and props for my shoot. Can we do that?

We do not work off of a shot list brought in by our clients. If you have a few ideas we will look at them and can incorporate them in. Rest assured that we have been doing this for a long time and know what poses will look great! 
If you have one small prop such as a coffee mug or a book feel free to bring it and we can incorporate it in. We do not shoot multiple props or costume outfits in the studio. No guns are allowed. If you have very specific ideas or multiple props to use for your session, it is considered a custom session and will have special pricing. Please call for more details. 

Do you shoot nudes or do I have to be nude?

We do photograph artistic nudes! All of our nudes are done in a very tasteful and artistic style. 

You do not have to be nude for your session at all! Everything is done to your comfort level and you can be as revealing or covered up as you wish!

What is included with full retouching?

Includes the removal of blemishes, scrapes, bruises and anything temporary on the skin. Upon request, we will remove scars and stretch marks and smooth out cellulite. We will also do minor body modifications, which we like to call "digital Spanx," where we smooth any bumps and bulges caused by the pose or wardrobe. We will never take a size 16 and retouch down to a size 6. That completely defeats the purpose of what we do. You will ALWAYS look like yourself in your images. 

When should I book if I need my order back by a specific date?

When an order is needed back by a specific date and you want to create an album, we like to have you booked about 4-6 weeks in advance of the date the order is needed. This ensures plenty of time for processing of your session, editing, your image debut (7-14 days after your session), designing of your product and production time. We do have the occasional reschedule or cancellation, so always check with us to see if we can get you in earlier.
NOTE: If you upgrade into a Luxury Art Album, they are hand-made in Europe and have a production time of 3 weeks after the order is placed. 

What is the turn-around time for my order?

Once your session is complete, your images will be ready for your image debut about 7-14 days after your session. 
If you pay in full and your order includes digital images and/or our Mobile Art Gallery App, you will receive your images immediately and we will send out your album for production that Friday. Our Designer Albums take up to 5 business days, our Luxury Albums take up to 21 days.

If you choose a payment plan, we do hold all images and albums until paid in full. Please plan accordingly when an order is needed by a specific date.

I'm so pale! Should I tan for my session?

Short answer: NO. Honestly, we would much rather have you come in pale or with a very light tan. Self tanning products, whether it's lotion or a spray tan, can leave you blotchy. Also, your skin can come through with an orange tint in your photos. Even a tanning bed or natural sun can leave heavy tan marks or white spots where the sun doesn't hit. If you decide you would like a little color for your session, try to lightly spray tan 4-5 days before your session so it has time to fade a little. Please watch the areas around your ankles, knees and wrists. If you frequent the tanning bed, watch the area under your bottom and arms, where we usually see white areas. If you do come in with blotchy areas, deep sunburn or heavy tan lines, we are not responsible for evening the skin and removing any problem areas. 

May I bring a friend with me?

We would rather you didn't. We need 100% of you to be present with us during your photo session, meaning we don't want you to hold back because you are not comfortable posing and feeling sexy in front of whomever you brought with you to the studio. If you have to bring someone with you, they are required to stay in the hair and makeup room or in the front room at the Murfreesboro Studio and are not allowed in the shooting areas.

May I bring my husband or boyfriend with me?

Unfortunately, we do not allow men in the studio during a session unless a couple's session is booked. However, men are more than welcome to come to Image Debut appointments.

Do I have to place an order at my Image Debut? 

Yes, your order must be placed at the Image Debut & Ordering Session. The Dream Experience Image Debuts must be scheduled within 2 weeks of your session, The Limited Experience Image Debut takes place the day of your session. If no order is placed at the Image Debut, images are deleted. Once your order is placed, all sales are final and cannot be downgraded.  

We do not hold onto any images that are not purchased.

**Minimum payment of $200 is due at your Image Debut to start an In-House payment plan. Financing is also available through Square Installments and PayPal Credit

What are your payment plans?

Payment Plans are offered through Square Installments and PayPal Credit.

In-House Payment Pans require a valid credit Card on File.
Choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments.
Minimum $200 downpayment required at the time of order.
Remaining balance can be broken into payments as low as $125 | 12 payments max.
*Products are ordered and delivered after the balance is paid in full. No exceptions.