"I wanted to celebrate me..."-Miss D

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The Adore Girls' recently had a little Q and A with Miss D about her experience becoming an Adore Girl and this is what she had to say:

TAG: How old are you, if you don't mind us asking? Totally optional!

Miss D: 34

TAG: What do you do for a living?

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Miss D: Emergency Room Nurse

TAG: Why did you decide to have a boudoir session?

Miss D: I wanted to celebrate myself for who I am and who I have become over the past many years. I have always taken care of other people, professionally and personally. I decided that I wanted to do something special for myself! Knowing that it has been on my bucket list for many years, I figured "its now or never!"

TAG: Has your session impacted you in a way you weren't expecting? If so, how?

Miss D: My session has helped me in ways that I never thought it would. It provided me with a sense of confidence that I have not experienced in over 10+ years. Struggling with my weight since my teenage years, I had forgotten what it felt like to be considered beautiful and sexy. Being significantly overweight, I would always look in the mirror and try to remind myself that I am an attractive woman. Since I have had my session, I can look at myself in the mirror and BELIEVE it! It is as if, I had to see myself through someone else's eyes to believe it!

TAG: Did the session differ from what you were expecting?

Miss D: Yes, the session differed from what I was expecting. Only because I expected to be so nervous that I would not relax enough to enjoy myself and celebrate me being me. About 10 minutes into the shoot (and this was without mimosas), I noticed how much fun I was having and I found myself laughing before I even realized I was! (This says a lot about how comfortable the environment, and how relaxed Jamie and Courtney made me feel, being that I am a rather quiet, shy, soft spoken women!)

TAG: Why did you choose to have a boudoir session? For yourself or to create a gift?

Miss D: I chose a boudoir session for myself, and only myself! Being a size 28 for most of my adult life, I wanted to honor myself with the qualities that I have been given. I wanted to have a celebration of me, not just my body, but everything about me!

TAG: If you could talk straight to another woman who is thinking about having a session, what would you tell her?

Miss D: If you have ever considered doing this, do it for you! For all the women that are out there that have always thought about it, your size is just a number. It does not define what is sexy and what is not! You do not have to wait to lose 10 or 20 more pounds to be beautiful. Every women is attractive in her own way. Beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes. You do not have to be a size 6 or 8, or even a size 18... let your beauty that is in your mind, heart, and soul come out and shine though! The most beautiful thing you can do is to be yourself and love yourself for who you are! None of us are made to be the same, so why not be proud of who you are!

Miss D was a pleasure to have in The Adore Girls Studio and we couldn't agree more with her message!  Everyone woman does deserve to feel beautiful, sexy and confident.  We are all different and we should celebrate that!  Thanks to Miss D for sharing with us her Adore Girl Story!

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plus size boudoir
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blue lingerie boudoir
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plus size boudoir
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Meet The Adore Girls Hair and Makeup Team

MakeUp Artists; House Artist (front) Sarah Kay,  Associate Artist (back left) Elisa, Associate Artist (back right) Nicki.

MakeUp Artists; House Artist (front) Sarah Kay,  Associate Artist (back left) Elisa, Associate Artist (back right) Nicki.

The Adore Girls pride themselves on providing an amazing experience from beginning to end. One of the most integral parts of becoming an official Adore Girl is the styling to get our girls photoshoot-ready. We have a professional team of artists that work exclusively with us in our studio. Having your hair and makeup done for your dream shoot by one of our talented artists is just icing on the cake. When you arrive for your session at The Adore Girls studio is when the real fun begins. After going through your wardrobe with Jamie or Courtney and choosing the best outfits for your session, you will then hop into our hair and makeup chair. We always ask if you would like a beverage, mimosas are one of our favorite cocktails so we keep those stocked in the studio. Perhaps a little bubbly isn’t your thing, we also provide coffee or water to keep you comfortable too. Most of our girls spend around one hour in our hair and makeup artist’s hands. Our artist will talk colors and styles with you to be sure that you come out looking like the most glamour-esque version you have ever seen of yourself.

Everyone on our team has had her own shoot and understands that you may be a little nervous when you get here. One thing that we have found very useful is to put ourselves in your shoes by getting our whole team on the other side of the lens. This way any nerves or inhibitions someone may have, anyone on our team can talk about their own shoots and how it made them feel, also sharing tips and tricks to help relax you. Let’s meet our hair and makeup team shall we?

hair and makeup artist-the adore girls-boudoir photography

Sarah Kay is our house artist. She has been with us since 2013. Sarah has proven herself time and time again, creating the boudoir look flawlessly.  Sarah seems to know every shade and color that blends perfectly with each individual Adore Girl that sits in her chair. She has also been on the other side of the camera for us more than once. Sarah loves what she does as an artist and she loves what boudoir has done for her self-esteem and feels strongly that every woman should experience it for herself. Sarah also has an exceptional eye for style and a steal. Sarah is also available for wedding styling.  

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You can follow Sarah on Instagram:  @sarahkay

You can follow Sarah on Instagram:  @sarahkay

hair and makeup artist photography

Elisa is an associate hair and makeup artist and has now been dolling up Adore Girls for a little over a year. She has been a professional makeup artist for five years and is also certified in lash extensions. We met Elisa when she came to the studio as a client and we soon found out that she was an artist too. After her first shoot with us, we brought her aboard to join our team and haven’t looked back since. Elisa is truly passionate about what she does as an artist. She loves helping women feel beautiful and transforming women through hair and makeup perfectly for their very own shoot. Elisa is also loves to create makeup tutorials on her EisEverything YouTube Channel (we love watching them too). When Elisa isn’t at the studio or making youtube tutorials she likes to spend her time at the gym, “I like to get back to the basics and sweat it out a little, I’m not a glamour girl 24/7.” Elisa is available for editorial, music shoots and also wedding styling too.  


boudoir photography hair and makeup
You can follow Elisa on Instagram:  @elisa_nicole   

You can follow Elisa on Instagram:  @elisa_nicole   

You can follow Nicki on Instagram:  @npechonis

You can follow Nicki on Instagram:  @npechonis

We are also pleased to welcome our latest edition to our team, Nicki. Nicki hasn’t had her own boudoir shoot yet, but she is in our books and we can’t wait to share the experience with her. She came in for interview and blew us away with her work. Nicki has been a professional hair and makeup artist for the Adore Girls since February. She worked for Advantage Modeling after graduating from Empire Beauty School in 2012. Nicki is also a hair and make up artist for weddings and editorial shoots as well. You can find her portfolio here.

We believe that it’s important that you love your hair and makeup completely before beginning your session. We will snap a few images at the start of your head shots to make sure that you are happy with how it looks on camera. From start to finish we have you covered.  

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Adore Girl Tip:  If you are a bride-to-be planning for a boudoir shoot of your own consider this;    It has become common practice that our brides love their hair and makeup so much in the studio that they then book one of our artist’s for their wedding.  Just something to think about.  Save yourself the time and cost of a trial run.  Two birds, one stone.

Spotlight Saturday: Miss L celebrates "50 and Feeling Fabulous!"

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Happy Weekend Everyone! It's Session Spotlight Saturday! This week we are featuring Miss L's second session with The Adore Girls and we were sooooo happy to have her back, this time to celebrate her birthday.

Check out this week's Q & A with Miss L and some of her stunning images that helped her celebrate turning 50!

First a little about Miss L


TAG:  How old are you, if you don't mind us asking? Totally optional!

Miss L:  50 and feeling fabulous!

TAG:  Are you from Nashville? If not, where are you from?

Miss L:  Originally from NY but living in Nashville since 2009

TAG: Are you married?

Miss L:  yes

TAG:  Do you have kiddos?

Miss L:  2 kids; girl 19, boy 13

TAG:  What do you do for a living?

Miss L:  Admin asst



Now let's talk about the shoot!


TAG:  Prior to your session/s with The Adore Girls, had you ever had a boudoir shoot?

Miss L:  nope

TAG:  Why did you decide to have a boudoir session?

Miss L:  It looked so beautiful and it gave me a goal to get in the best shape possible the first time I did it.

TAG:  Has your session/s impacted you in a way you weren't expecting? If so, how?

Miss L:  The first time I saw myself in a different light which is always eye opening. The second time my confidence was on a much higher level which made the overall experience more fun and daring

TAG:  Did the session differ from what you were expecting?

Miss L:  I read a lot of prior reviews and all the ladies commented on how fun and relaxed they felt.
I went in thinking have fun and I absolutely did.

TAG:  Why did you choose to have a boudoir session? For yourself or to create a gift?

Miss L:  The first time was 50% for me and 50% for my husband. The second time was all for me for my 50th birthday.

TAG:  We would love to hear about how you gave the gift and their reaction if you don't mind sharing!

Miss L:  It wasn't really a surprise gift per se but my husband was impressed, I think, how I could look so glamorous?  My everyday look is a far cry from my Adore Girls photos..lol

TAG:  If you could talk straight to another woman who is thinking about doing a session, what would you tell her?

Miss L:  Go into the session with no expectations about the end product. You will look sexy, beautiful and amazing no matter what. You will never see yourself the way the camera sees you so don't stress about it. You will be amazed and think is 'that really me?'

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Thanks Miss L for all the words of wisdom for any ladies on the fence.  We can't wait to have you in for your 3rd shoot!  

You can call 615-336-4256 to book your dream session or to set up a FREE consultation in our studio!  You can also fill out or inquiry form here. 

No more excuses.  Become an Adore Girl today!

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Spotlight Saturday! Miss L and Her Husband's Birthday Surprise

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 Today's Spotlight Session Adore Girl is originally a California girl who now calls Nashville home.  Miss L decided to surprise her husband for his 30th birthday with his very own Adore Girl album.

Miss L shares with us tons of her beautiful images, her husbands reaction and how her session has changed her.

black and white headshot photography

Straight Talk About the Shoot:

T.A.G:  Prior to your session with The Adore Girls, had you ever had a boudoir shoot?


T.A.G:  Why did you decide to have a boudoir session?

MISS L:  I read that it helped boost girls confidence in themselves and I surprised my husband with the pictures for his 30th birthday.

T.A.G:  Has your session impacted you in a way you weren't expecting? If so, how?

MISS L:  It helped to boost my confidence in my self.

T.A.G:  Did the session differ from what you were expecting?

MISS L:  Yes. I went into it very nervous but it was fun. I felt special during my shoot.

T.A.G:  Why did you choose to have a boudoir session? For yourself or to create a gift?

MISS L:  Both.

T.A.G:  We would love to hear about how you gave the gift and their reaction if you don't mind sharing!

MISS L:  I pulled up my computer and asked my husband to look at something and began flipping through them. He was very surprised and excited about them.

T.A.G:  If you could talk straight to another woman who is thinking about doing a session, what would you tell her?

MISS L:  To go for it! It was an amazing experience and no matter how nervous you are you will feel beautiful at the end of it!

Did you know you can now add video to your session to?  Miss L did!  More videos here.

It was our pleasure to have Miss L in the studio with us! The fact that we have a hand in helping any women hold her head higher is truly what we love to do!  

Are you next? What is your story? Give yourself permission! You deserve to feel beautiful, sexy and confident too.

To fill out a session inquiry form click here. Or call 615-336-4256 for your FREE in-studio consultation!

We can't wait to see you in the studio!! 

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The Adore Girls on the Vegas Strip This Fall

The Adore Girls Head to Vegas and You're Invited!  

check out The Adore Girls in Vegas last time we shot in Sin City!  More below too!

check out The Adore Girls in Vegas last time we shot in Sin City!  More below too!

Ever dream of having a sexy boudoir shoot in a high rise penthouse on the Vegas strip? Looking for a reason to get out of town with a girlfriend or two? Join us this fall for the experience of a lifetime! 

WHEN:  Friday October 6th, Saturday October 7th, and Sunday October 8th.

WHAT'S INCLUDED:  Hair and makeup, 2 outfits, ALL final digital images + mobile app. We will shoot in an exclusive private penthouse suite on the strip. Location will be announced at a later date.  

SPECIAL VEGAS PRICE:  ONLY $1600 (value $2800)  *Add video for $500*                                               **Payment plans will be available. Must be paid in full by the session.**  

Please Note:  If you are interested please fill out the form below so your name is added to the list. Once we have 5 girls interested we will begin the booking process.


Name *
Do You Have Friends Interested?

The last time we shot in Vegas was one for the books! Check it out..

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Las Vegas penthouse suite
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The Adore Girls in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Boudoir Photography
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Las Vegas Boudoir Photography

This is going to be a blast! We can't wait to see you in Vegas!!

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6 Things Fall Brides Need To Know

Calling All Fall Brides!  June-September are our busiest months for all of our brides-to-be getting married in the fall. As a little reminders for any fall brides with upcoming weddings we want to encourage you to not wait until its too late to book your sessions. 

bridal boudoir Nashville TN

What you need to know about Bridal Boudoir with The Adore Girls:


Saturdays are always the first to fill so don't wait until its too late to book your perfect date. We hold two session daily, Monday-Saturday at 9am and 1:30 pm. Dates for the summer months are already limited so don't wait, call today!  #615-336-4256
**We recommend all sessions are held at least 6 weeks prior to the date that you need your images and product in hand**


There is no text book definition of what to wear for Bridal Boudoir. It doesn't have to be all white or just panties and your veil, although that works too!  If you choose the dream session you will get 4 wardrobe changes. Anything that makes you feel sexy and confident is perfect. Many girls include something that represents him; like his favorite lingerie you wear, an old tshirt of his, a tie, or even just his favorite color. One the house favorites are our signature sheet shots. We wrap you in one of our soft white cotton sheets and that is one wardrobe change. The sheets shots are classic and beautiful with endless possibilities for posing. We have you covered for heels too! We have an endless supply of sexy pumps to go with any outfit. We do suggest bringing your wedding shoes too!  


We recommend the Dream Session for our Brides to be! The Dream Session is $300 and includes 2-4 outfits, professional hair and makeup, complimentary champagne, direction and posing, full retouching and editing of your images. Images are purchased separately. Purchase 15 or more images and receive our complimentary mobile gallery app and your purchased images printed in an album.  Click here to learn more. You can now add video too! Payment plans are available. *Orders must be paid in full before receiving your purchase*


We are an all female staff. So have no fear! From the beginning to the end of your experience you will only be with women. From our hair and makeup artists, to our photographers and shoot assistant, we are all women who have been on both sides of the camera. We understand boudoir and the nerves that come along with it. We are Nashville's premiere boudoir photography studio, from your session to designing your album, boudoir is what we do, book with the best in the biz. Meet our staff here.


The session itself takes about 3-4 hours. You will spend a little time with your photographer before getting into hair and make up to discuss your wardrobe options and what you want to get out of your session. From there you will spend approximately 1 hour in hair and makeup getting all dolled up! The photoshoot is then 1-2 hours spent on all of our different sets and your wardrobe changes. After your session is complete we will schedule your upcoming image debut. Your image debut is when you will pick your favorite edited images 1-2 weeks after your shoot and place your order. **We recommend all sessions are held at least 4-6 weeks prior to the date that you need your images and product in hand**


You can expect to have an experience you will never forget. You will feel sexy and beautiful. You will have fun, we share lots of laughs in our studio too.  Imagine sharing your images with your groom on your honeymoon as an extra spicy gift! He will love it and so will you! Many of our girls have sessions for more than one reason. You may be coming in to make the ultimate sexy gift for him, but this is also a time in your life you never want to forget. Why not document this beautiful time in your life in a gorgeous keepsake album? **All purchases also include the digital copy of your purchased images.


You can visit our portfolio here.  To Book Your Session or set up your free in-studio consultation today call #615-336-4256 or fill out our inquiry form here

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