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So you are thinking about a boudoir session! We know there can be some questions when thinking about pulling the trigger on a session and maybe even some concerns. We are always happy to talk to our potential clients to go over all the details, the process and answer any questions you may have.

We hope that this guide can help answer some questions and start to put some concerns to rest. Of course please don’t let this take the place of a phone call or text! We are always available to chat!



So who are The Adore Girls?

The Adore Girls are made up of:
Jamie Pfister, Owner and Photographer (Left)
Courtney Bell, Photographer and Videographer (Right)
Reilly Welborn, Studio Manager
Sarah Kay, House Hair and Makeup Artist
Crystal Rose, Hair and Makeup Artist
Meghan Lee, Hair and Makeup Artist
Alisha McCasland, Hair and Makeup Artst

I, Jamie, started The Adore Girls back in 2012 and since then we have had over 1,000 women come through our studio of every age, shape and size. We take great pride in what we do and believe whole heartedly that every woman deserves this experience.

I can say from personal experience that a boudoir session is more than just pretty images, it can be a life changing experience.

Courtney and I have almost 20 years of experience between the two of us. You couldn’t be in better hands for your experience!

I want to take just a moment and answer some questions that we hear often.

  1. Do we have a studio?

    The answer is absolutely. We have two private studios actually. Our Nashville Studio is our Luxury Studio and it’s a 2,200 square foot stone cottage (that no one lives in, it’s strictly just our studio) that hosts a variety of sets. What makes our studio unique is the fact that it is a Cottage and provides a home setting environment. Our Murfreesboro Studio, which is our Budget Studio for our clients that are watching their money but still want The Adore Girls Quality everyone has grown to love and trust, is a 1,600 square foot studio that hosts a variety of sets.

  2. How do I know The Adore Girls is the right choice for me?

    That is based on your taste and if our portfolio fits the type of imagery you are looking for. We photograph both dark and moody and bright and flirty. We are very laid back here in the studio and have a strict no-negative self talk policy! Plus if you like to have fun, listen to good music during your session and get a dose of our bad dancing, you have made the right choice!

  3. Do I need to bring my own wardrobe?

    Yes. Our clients do bring their own wardrobe. We want your wardrobe to represent you and for you to be comfortable in it. What we would hate to happen is for us to provide the wardrobe, you get here and hate everything we have or we don’t have anything that fits you properly. Every body is different. Every piece will fit a different body type differently. We encourage you to try all your pieces on. If you are planning on shopping, go into a lingerie store, whether or not you are going to purchase anything, and try all the different cuts and styles on. You will be surprised, you may look at a piece and think I could never wear that and put it on and it find that it fits perfectly or vice versa.

    We do have a shoe closet that everyone is welcome to use. We have sizes from 6-11.

  4. Do you provide hair and makeup?

    Yes. Hair and makeup is complimentary whether you choose the a la carte session or a package. Our Artists on our roster are absolutely some of Nashville’s top artists and we feel honored to have them part of our team. We want you to know that you are in excellent hands in our hair and makeup chair.

  5. Do you help me pose through the session?

    Oh girl, we got you. None of this is normal for a Tuesday. We never expect any of our clients to walk through the door and no how any of this works or what to do. We coach and direct you through the whole day. We actually get into the pose to show you what we are going for, then help you get into the pose. We coach you from your head to your toes. We always say that the more silly and awkward you feel in the pose the sexier it looks. haha! We will also coach you through facial expressions. We will NEVER ask you for a sexy face or ask you to think of something sexy and then look at us because if that is not awkward than I don’t know what is. Facial expressions are a lot more natural than what the client expects.

  6. What do I wear?

    I will get into wardrobe a bit farther into the planner but let me touch on it for just a minute. We want your wardrobe to be what you are comfortable in and what represents you. You do not have to be in a bra and panty set for each outfit. Let yourself think outside of the box a little bit. We always want the wardrobe to at least be within the “lingerie” realm, you would maybe at least lounge around the house in it. For example, a tank or cami and pair of panties, a cardigan and panties, a t-shirt, crop top and/or sweatshirt and panties. Other options are the obvious, bra and pantie sets, teddies, bodysuits, nighties, chemises etc.

Our Process. From deciding on what is right for you to your order in hand.

Do you need your order back by a specific date?

If the answer is yes, we like to have you scheduled 4-6 weeks ahead of that date. This ensure plenty of time for your session, processing and editing of your session, your Image Debut (usually takes place 7-10 days after your session) and the production of your album. If we are within 4-6 weeks, make sure to give us a call so we can see if we can squeeze you in our schedule while making sure we can turn your order around in time.

Package or a la Carte?

Look through our pricing (I will review it later in the guide) and decide if you want to do a Package or an a la Carte order.

If you are interested in a Package, all you need to do is pay your $250 retainer and you can choose your Package at your Image Debut. If you would like to start a payment plan before your session to get a head start paying on your package, just give us a call to set it up!

If you are interested in the a la Carte option, your session is $500 ($250 due the day you book, $250 due 3 days before your session) and you will choose from the a la carte menu at your Image Debut. Orders start at $950. If you decide at your Image Debut that you want to upgrade in to a Package, that is not a problem! Your $500 session fee will get applied to the Package of your choice.

Time to Book!

We have made booking your session super easy with 3 options!

  1. Book over the phone. Give us a call Monday - Friday, 615-336-4256

  2. Book through Text. Again, Monday - Friday, 615-336-4256

  3. Book Online on Your Time! Booking online is super easy.

    1. Choose the $250 Package Booking Fee or the a la Carte Dream Session

    2. Choose your date from our live availability calendar

    3. Answer a few questions on our client info questionnaire

    4. Pay your retainer

    5. You are all set! We will send you out your confirmation emails and give you a call if you are interested in a consultation.

Prepping for Your Session

Relax, don’t over think it.
Know now that you will most likely get a pimple or two, a bruise or a scratch right before your session. It happens to everyone. Don’t fret, we got you.
Try on all your pieces and make sure they fit and you are comfortable in them.
Drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest.

Session Day

Again, relax. You may walk in the studio with some nerves but know that they will begin to fade immediately, be almost all gone by the time you are done with Hair and Makeup and most likely be 100% gone by the time we are half way through the first outfit.
We will spend the first 20 minutes or so laying out all your wardrobe and going through it with you. We will talk about your must shoot pieces and choose what we are shooting. You will go into hair and makeup for about an hour/hour and a half. Once done, it’s time to shoot! Like I mentioned earlier, we are going to coach you through the whole process! Don’t worry about a thing!

Know that you are in excellent hands. Courtney and I have almost 20 years experience between the two of us. It’s easy to get caught up in our own heads right before the session worrying about this or that. There is a level of trust that has to happen. You have to trust that we do indeed know what we are doing ;) and it’s not our job to take bad images. It’s our job to take amazing images and show you just how beautiful you are.

Image Debut Day!

Your Image Debut is an event all itself! We will schedule your Image Debut for 7-10 days later before you leave the studio from your session.
At your Debut you will view your final edited images, choose our favorites for a Package or if you have done an a la carte session, choose either digitals for an album.


We accept, Credit Cards, Paypal, Cash or Check. If you pay in full for your order you will receive your Digital Downloads (from your package or if you chose a la carte digitals) the same day. We will also put your album into production the same day. Our Luxury Art Album are hand made in Portugal and have a turnaround time of 21 days. Our Designer Albums are hand-crafted here in the States and we have them back in 5 business days.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are zero-interest and customizable with you choosing your due date.
$200 is due at your Image Debut with your remaining balance broken up into weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments.
$125 minimum payments // 12 payments max.

*You can also choose to start a payment plan at booking if you would like to get a jump start on a Package. You can always upgrade your Package at your Image Debut.


What our Clients are saying…

We know that when we talk about how awesome the experience is and how wonderful you are going to feel it can sound like a sales pitch.
So here is some Raves straight from a few clients!

The Adore Girls Boudoir Photography Nashville-0300.jpg

Miss A.

“OWN IT ALL - every stretch mark every scar it’s all YOU! Embrace it! Stop being tired of not liking the way you look. I promise that you will fall in love with your pictures! You will leave the session with a greater feeling of empowerment, and more self-love.”

0479  Boudoir-Photography-The Adore Girls-Nashville-.jpg

Miss M.

“I can't begin to explain how grateful I am for my Adore Girls sessions. They have played such a large part in building my confidence as a woman. I now walk around feeling like the sexy strong woman I am. I've never had that before!”

0513  Boudoir-Photography-The Adore Girls-Nashville-.jpg

Miss C.

I decided to do another shoot, less than a year after my 1st one, for me. To remind myself who I am, and why I like me and gain some of my confidence and ego back (ego in a good way not cocky). I want to remember this time in my life, where I feel completely out of control, but also so steadfast in my decisions being for me and MY happiness. I know that can come off as selfish, but being selfish sometimes is a good thing, especially when it involves you being happy.