You're not sexy enough for boudoir.

So you want to have a boudoir shoot, but...

  1. "I could NEVER do that!"
  2. "I need to lose 5, 10, 15 pounds."
  3. "I can't 'do' sexy."
  4. "I don't have anyone to do it for."
  5. "I am not photogenic and I always hate pictures of myself."

I understand that, for the majority of our clients, it takes time to gather up the courage to have a boudoir session. It's not every day that you wake up and think, "Hmm, I'm going to call complete strangers and set up an appointment to have my picture taken in my lingerie." I get it. Trust me. 

For most of our clients, this is their first time having a boudoir session and it's often their first professional photo shoot. It can be intimidating. It can be scary. It can be absolutely nerve-racking. You are going to get practically, and sometimes completely, naked in front of a photographer. I can sit here and tell you not to be nervous, but in all honesty, you are going to be.  As women, we are our own worst enemies when it comes to our personal image. We are critical creatures, noticing every unique characteristic and turning it into a flaw, and then an excuse. 

Let's debunk these excuses we love to tell ourselves.

1. "I could never to that!"
Yes. Yes, you could. Like I said before, it can be completely nerve-racking but you CAN and SHOULD do it.  It's good to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Prove to yourself that you can do something a bit daring and liberating. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and see yourself as others see you. Let yourself feel sexy. 

2. "I need to lose 5, 10, 15 pounds."
Don't we all? And this is why God created Photoshop. As professional photographers, we use strategic lighting and posing to emphasize your assets and minimize your problem areas. From there, we touch up your images in Photoshop, smoothing and tucking what you consider to be your "trouble areas." We avoid reconstructive editing, but rather reflect your real body in the best light possible. 

3. "I can't do sexy."
It is a common myth that from the moment you walk in the door to our studio, you have to turn on the sexy. That's absolutely inaccurate. This experience is not based on a sultry, seductive attitude. A boudoir session should be fun. We instruct you through every step of the session with posing and direction, then help you to relax. This leads to fun and laughter, which transcends into the confidence you'll see in your finished images. And photos that capture confidence, above all else, are sexy. 

4. "I don't have anyone to do it for."
There is only one person for whom you should do a session...YOURSELF. Even women who have booked a boudoir session with the intention of giving their images as wedding, birthday or anniversary gifts, have all ultimately realized it was the best gift they could have given themselves. Our clients frequently admit to feeling a boost of self-confidence, holding their head a little higher and loving their bodies more as a direct result of their photoshoot. What this experience does for women is priceless.  

5. "I am not photogenic and I hate every picture of myself."
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. You have to trust your photographer. A boudoir shoot is an investment, and we are professionals, but, on some level, you have to trust us. In the years that we have been in business, we have never had a client leave unhappy with her images. We put all of our professional skills to work, communicate with you openly and promise to create images you will love. We guarantee you are photogenic; you've just never had professional hair and makeup and someone to guide you through a photoshoot. We promise you're going to love the result.  

Women are naturally blessed with the power of persuasion. This talent backfires when we create excuses and sell them to ourselves. We each have insecurities, fears and worries, but we can't let those trump our desire to do something different and empowering for ourselves. Stop comparing yourself to other women, stop limiting your self-confidence, and stop hesitating to treat yourself to a much-needed day that is all about you. Every single one of us is a unique and beautiful work of art. Love yourself, love your curves, love your lines of your body, love your freckles, love your dimples. Love who you are and the body that you have today. 

There is no perfect time for a session. We have had hundreds of women come through our studio. Each is unique in her own way. We've worked with clients up to 65-years-old and the sizes and shapes are literally across the board. Every woman deserves a boudoir session. Every woman deserves to see herself in this light. 

If you have any questions about a boudoir session, our staff is always here to talk to you. We offer no-obligation consultations in our studio. You can come in, meet us, see the studio, ask any questions you have, and talk about your ideas and your style. Feel free to give us a call, (615) 336-4256, or leave us a note!

We look forward to meeting you!

Until next time...

Jamie PfisterComment