When You Discover the You That Has Been There All Along

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We met Miss C a few weeks ago when she came into the studio for her consultation. After talking for awhile and getting to know Miss C a little bit better, we knew this was going to be one special session. Miss C is a single mother and about to become a grandmother. She did her session "for her boyfriend" for Valentine's Day. I say "for her boyfriend" in quotations because that is the initial reason she gave us. Truth is, it became all about her. 

When she arrived to the studio for her session she was a bit nervous but ready to go. We went through the wardrobe that she brought and planned out her session. A gorgeous navy blue bra and pantie set and a black bra and pantie set from AdoreMe.com. Her third wardrobe change was a blue bra and pantie and one of his favorite shirts. 

We left her with Miss Sarah Kay, our house hair and makeup artist, and went to get the studio ready for her session. We popped in and out of hair and makeup throughout the hour but when we walked in for the final time and Sarah turned the chair around I think I had to pick my mouth up off of the floor. Miss C was beaming! 

First was head shots. I sat her down and we got everything situated and took the first test shot. Oh Em Gee! Just the test shot was stunning. Her eyes were sparkling, her smile lit up the room. Courtney and I looked at each other after seeing the picture on the camera and knew it was game on. I took a few more head shots and turned the camera around so she could see. She was in utter disbelief that that was her. Hey Miss C, it's you girlfriend. All YOU!

It was time for the first set that was on our round bed. Miss C was a little nervous but that is normal. She was gorgeous and she rocked out her session. With every image I showed her on the back of the camera, something was happening. She was starting to see herself. She was seeing the real her. Not the mom that has been taking care of everyone else for so long. It was her.

Come the last wardrobe change, the afternoon light was just right and the light loved her. She had one last pose request. After that last shot I sat down beside her on the bed and we went through the images on the camera. She covered her mouth and shook her head. She said "I can't believe that is me". My thought was "believe it sister!" She put her arm around me and gave me one of the most genuine hugs I have ever received in the four years I have been doing this. She looked at me in the eye and said "Thank you for doing what you do." I said "all I did was show you, YOU." 

Until next time...