Miss L - What to Expect for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

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Miss L joined us in The Adore Girls' Studio in August for her very first boudoir session. She wrote about her experience and shared her story on her bog, breezyandbrazen.com.

I wanted to share her amazing blog post with you so you can hear first hand her experience and what to expect!

The past couple years I’ve been in a constant battle with myself about my body. I won’t bore you with the details of all the negative things I’d been thinking about myself, but I’ll tell you I wasn’t nice. Then one day I was contacted by the incredible women behind The Adore Girls and was asked to do a session.

Several things ran through my mind. “I’m scared.” “What will people think of me?” “How do I lose weight in four weeks (while still eating tacos and donuts)?” and “Is this right for me?” I sat on it for a day or two and then finally responded with a YES. “I’ll do it.”

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We had so much fun with Miss L. in the studio and it makes us absolutely giddy that she loved her experience with us!

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