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Featured Girl Friday - Miss J

“The more I anticipated the shoot the more I realized it may help me with my insecurities as well.”

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Set Spotlight - The Grey Chaise + The Upstairs Windows

“…we are wrapping up our latest Set Spotlight series by showing off how amazing our glamorous, grey chaise sofa looks in front of the windows in our upstairs foyer.”

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Set Spotlight - The Boho Room

We are happy to bring back our weekly Set Spotlight feature to show off all the new sets and shooting areas that were created in our Smyrna studio this past month! Today, we’re kicking things off with our Boho Room…

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Set Spotlight - The Revamped, Glam Bedroom

“We are so thrilled with the way the Glam Bedroom Set has finally come together, and we’re excited to show you some of our favorite shots that were taken on this set over the past month…”

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Featured Girl Friday - Miss I

“I expected to be nervous and uncomfortable. Right away I felt at home.”

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Set Spotlight - The Modern Mid-Century Living Room

“We love how the Living Room set came together with a definite mid-century vibe, but it’s still just modern enough to keep it from looking kitschy.”

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