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#ThrowbackThursday: The Adore Girls' First Promo Video

“It still brings tears to our eyes every single time we watch it.”

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5 Fun Facts About The Adore Girls' Photographers

Now is your chance to get to know Jamie and Courtney and what their lives are like outside of the studio a little better!

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Featured Girl Friday - Miss C

"It made me realize I am beautiful, sexy, and confident. I don’t just have to pick just one of those, because I am all of those. You can be in touch with your feminine side and also go a tear up the weight room with the boys. Which is what I tend to do."

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"I thought that it would be harder to be sexy." - Adore Girl-Miss A

"Yes. I thought that it would be harder to be sexy. I was expecting it to not flow as smoothly as it did. The girls made me feel really comfortable and it was a great experience. I also chose different images than I expected to. I thought I would gravitate more toward black and white and ended up loving the color! "

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Finally! Royalty-free music specifically composed for boudoir videos!