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Featured Girl Friday - Miss L

“I could wait my entire life to lose weight, have a boyfriend, etc.  Or I could document where I am now and celebrate who I am right at this very moment.  I did it for ME and it was the best thing I have ever done!”

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Featured Girl Friday - Miss C

"It made me realize I am beautiful, sexy, and confident. I don’t just have to pick just one of those, because I am all of those. You can be in touch with your feminine side and also go a tear up the weight room with the boys. Which is what I tend to do."

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We Couldn't Be More Serious - The Adore Girls

So in order to make light of just how serious we aren't, but also answer some of the more serious questions that we get asked the most we present to you...The Adore Girls FAQ's answered...and we almost peed our pants making these ;)

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