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Miss K is Planning a Session: Part 1 - A Client's Experience

Hello everyone!  My name is Katrina and I am totally excited about my upcoming session!  I am a wife, mother of four great children, business owner and animal lover. 

This past year my husband and I visited Nashville for the first time for my 43rd birthday and absolutely loved it.  November we couldn't take it anymore and just had to come back.  That's when we found Tatyana's Boutique.  My husband talked me into trying on the sailor dress and for half the afternoon he had a blast dressing me up 50's style in the wonderful outfits in their store.  When I was changing into the first dress, he discovered that the some of the photos on the wall were done in the Adore Girls studio upstairs.  If he could have booked my session and taken me upstairs right then and there he would have.  Unfortunately they were booked and instead had to settle for taking 3 dresses home that day.  

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Featured Session(s): A Canadian Invasion!

Last month, The Adore Girls downtown studio had not one, but two beautiful visitors from Canada book spur-of-the-moment vintage sessions with us during the same week! 

Our first Canadian beauty, Miss C., came to Nashville from Nova Scotia with her husband for vacation. While they were shopping in the Tatyana boutique on Broadway, she noticed one of our signs in the window. She said she had always wanted to do a pinup photo session, so she called to see if we had any appointments available that week. Luckily, we did!

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