Hiding nips and butts, and it kinda chaps our asses.

“They are something to be coveted, desired, and unfortunately hidden until sex is imminent.” - says Toronto-based sexologist, Dr. Stephen de Wit

Are you wondering what “they” is referring to in that last line? It’s a quote from an article from Menshealth.com. I was recently reading up on the controversy that surrounds the female nipple, “they” is a reference to the female nipple. The double standard of a topless woman vs a topless man is still highly debated even today.

75 years ago no one, men nor women could go topless in public until the 1930’s when men won the right to “free their nipples”. The laws changed and fortunately for men, starting back then they were able to be more comfortable in public. However, did you know that it is actually legal in 36 states in the U.S. for women to take their shirts off? Unfortunately, you will probably still be arrested for tossing aside your shirt, because an exposed female nipple is still considered lewd basically everywhere. Yeah, wtf right?

We are talking about censorship, because social media censorship is directly affecting what we are able to share now, and Facebook jail, Instagram purgatory or worse…the utter extinction of our boudoir-based accounts all together is unfortunately a daily fear of ours and so many other boudoir photographers too. Censorship actually affects us, as women, everyday of our waking female lives, but most of us aren’t losing any sleep over the fact that we have to put a shirt on to hit the streets, we are just use to it. We will keep the melodrama at bay for now, but we won’t stop believing that the female form is sexy, should be coveted, and does deserve to be celebrated. Women are a work of art…but where does the buck stop? What’s fair and what isn’t?

The subject of censorship, what women can and can not do with their bodies, among so many other topics of human rights are extremely controversial right now, and to be honest all we really want is to be able to do what we do and help other women feel fucking amazing about themselves. Is there an easy answer to any of this? No, there simply is not. We will always respect the rights to everyone’s individual beliefs and opinions. We understand that censorship may be necessary on some levels too. We practice “TO EACH HIS OR HER OWN”, but wouldn’t it be great if everyone could do the same? The truth is that’s probably not happening, not in our life time at least, so in the meantime we will just continue to push the limits of these bullshit societal “norms” and try to show as many woman as we can how individually sexy they are. However, what once was about art and female empowerment is now being highly monitored on social media, so we have to be extremely mindful of what we will now share with our community on social media, for us it’s mainly Facebook and Instagram. “Playing by the rules”, if you know us, you know this chaps our asses a bit. Pun or no pun, it’s true, we hate being censored and told what is acceptable and what isn’t, art has and always will be subjective. Boudoir photography is beautiful and better yet extremely empowering for women in all walks of life. The fact, and it is a FACT, that boudoir photography can have a direct effect on the wellbeing of how women view and feel about themselves and their bodies, can act as a major player in eliminating body dysmorphia and eating disorders, and create happier, healthier intimate relationships should mean boudoir doesn’t belong in the “unacceptable” category. We believe boudoir has a right to be on social platforms and should be visually present and discussed, but, again, we have to play by “their rules”, ultimately it’s their business.

The list below will shed better light on a few areas that may be a little gray for some in regards to what we, The Adore Girls, do.

5 things you should know about censorship and our images.

  1. MODEL RELEASES. Any images you see in our blogs, on our website, in our Facebook group & FB biz page and on our Instagram account are all real Adore Girls (past clients) who have signed a model release contract that gives us permission to use their images. These woman share their images because it is empowering for them, inspiring for other women, and they understand that if we can’t share what we do, we can’t continue to spread our message of self-love and body positivity, and the body-positive movement would lose significant traction. However, there are plenty of women who choose to keep their images private because of personal preferences or because they simply can not share their images because of their occupation…and that is OK too, we fully understand!

  2. PAST IMAGES. We have had to regretfully remove images that at one time did not violate certain social media platform guidelines, but now they do. Images that have been massive fan favs in our social media portfolios have now had to be removed in fear that our accounts will be shut down completely. This means if you can no longer find one of your fabulous, yet slightly risqué images anymore it’s not because we fell out of love with it, but simply because we had to take it down. *insert sad face…no, actually insert angry face*

  3. WHERE TO FIND OUR UNCENSORED IMAGES. Our website galleries and our blogs will not be censored as long as we can help it. It is super unfortunate that even in our private Facebook group we are being highly monitored, meaning that even if you are looking for some seriously sexy inspiration scrolling through the group may not lead you to what you are searching for. BUT our portfolio gallery on our website can help you find what you are looking for.

  4. NUDES. We also believe that nude photography is not only artistic, but truly liberating, so we aren’t pumping the breaks per se, but you will see much less of it because of the new, tightened up censorship. Please note: Nude photography is 100% optional for our Adore Girls and tailored to your comfort level.

  5. BEING APART OF THE CHANGE. If you would like to continue to see images of empowered women and show your support for the movement of changing how women feel about their bodies there are a few things you can do to help. If you haven’t already joined our private Facebook community you can request to join here. When you join our community (or any community that is important to you on social media) engaging with posts that resonate with you is the best way to stay involved and show your support within the communities you love. Likes and comments show these platforms and their robot counterparts, A.K.A. the algorithms, that, despite their “guidelines and standards”, this kind of content is something that people want to see, are in support of and want to be apart of…especially as we work hard to change how women view their own bodies so they can live happier, healthier lives. We are also very active on Instagram too, so your comments are extremely helpful on our posts and stories there as well, follow us on IG here.

So we leave you with this, we understand that there are reasons for guidelines and standards. We have our own guidelines and standards, we fully comprehend why any business needs to have standards and rules to follow. We understand that this censorship is not out to “get” boudoir photographers, but that this is bigger than just our industry. We want women to feel safe, valued, appreciated, beautiful, sexy, comfortable, unique, not alone, and apart of our community and this incredible female-fueled movement of self-love and discovery that is happening right now. We don’t want to risk losing our ability to reach our active community of badass ladies in support of other women on their self-love journeys. To imagine the monumental step backwards in the wrong damn direction for women and so many other boudoir photographers is sickening. If you are here for the change, to support the movement to empower yourself and other women, artists and these communities we want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are, for lack of better words, the bread and butter behind all of this! The support and love you throw back our way does not and will never go unnoticed by us or the other women you are helping to empower as well.