It's Not In the Budget for Mom to Be Sexy

We have a private, women-only Facebook group. It's a great community with over 900 women and they are past clients, present and future. It's a comfortable place for women to ask the questions they don't want to ask on the public page, to talk to past clients about their experiences, see sneak peeks of our latest sessions and get exclusive deals.

Recently, I asked our group this question:

So tell me:
What is holding you back from doing a boudoir session?
I want to hear your honest answers.

The response was huge. Our girls started commenting and are still commenting as I write this. Out of all of the comments, there were only two reasons given:

  1. Price.
  2. Self image. 

Number one answer: Price.

This got me thinking. All the ladies want to do it. One said she is "dying" to have a session. Another said she had been stalking us for two years now. One even replied:

“Price. It’s not really in the budget for Mom to be sexy.”

Not in the budget for Mom to be sexy? I was floored. Who in the world said once you become a mom there is no money in the budget for you to feel good about yourself? No money in the budget for you to do a little something nice for yourself?  Did I miss this memo when I had my kids? 

Saving money to spend on ourselves is one of THE hardest things to do. There is always someone or something else that needs our attention - and our money. The kids, the house, the car, a new vacuum... We feel guilty because somewhere someone lied and said when you become an adult and/or have children that you instantly put yourself on the back burner. I call bologna. Why don't we allow ourselves to spend money us? Why is it so hard for US to save up for something nice? I think doing something nice for yourself is essential in keeping the woman in us alive. 

I hear everyday "I want to do this SO bad!" "I just can't afford it right now, maybe next year." "If it wasn't so much I would do it in a heart beat." "It's just too expensive."

Too expensive? Compared to what? That is the question here. What are YOU comparing it to? Another boudoir company? The price of beans?  First you cannot put a price on feeling good about yourself. You cannot put a price on self esteem. You cannot put a price on confidence. 

What I don't think is understood is the fact that it is so much more than just pictures. It's about seeing yourself differently. It's about holding your head higher. You don't just walk away with images that WILL remind you that you are a beautiful woman, you walk away with a confidence that in my opinion, you cannot put a price on. You will take it with you in your daily life, at home, at work, in the bedroom. Hell, we have gotten emails from husbands and boyfriends thanking us because they see a complete 180 in their significant others. 

You have thought about a boudoir session. You WANT to do a boudoir session. So, why not just do one?

What if I provided you a way to save up for your day? A way to make it a little easier to reach your savings goal. A little TAG savings plan, if you will. It would be our little way to help you do what you want to do, what you DESERVE to do.


Here's how it works.

1. Give us a call.
Every woman wants to feel like a million dollars, like the sexiest woman on the planet! Let's make this happen. The first step is to call and set up a consultation. Let's talk.

2. The consultation. 
This is our time to sit down and talk about what you want. We need to know what you want out of your experience, what your budget is, what you can afford, what you can't. We can always do this on the phone, too, if you are out-of-town or just cannot make it in for a one-on-one consult.

2. We will customize a package bundle.
You will pick a session and a product. This can be whatever you want. You now have something to be excited about. 

3. Let's talk about your budget.
What is your budget? What would you want to put in an envelope in your underwear drawer each month if you were saving the money on your own? Would it be $50? $100? $125? $200? We will break it down and find the perfect number for you. One that will not give you a heart attack each month. One that works for YOU.

4. Put the plan in place.
We now have a session. We now have a product. We now have a budget. Let's put it all together. You can pay into your TAG plan for 6 months, 12 months, 3 months, 17 months. You get the point! However long it needs to be. 

5. Start adding to your account.
We will automatically withdrawal an agreed-upon amount each month for you. It is now out-of-sight, out-of-mind and going directly into your TAG account. Now, you ARE saving!

6. It's time to schedule that shoot!
You have one payment left from your goal. It is now time to schedule your session! We wait to schedule your session until the end so when you have your session and your images are ready, you are paid-in-full and can immediately walk away with your gorgeous images and a new-found you!

It's as simple as that! 
We have always offered payment plans, but they have been on the back end of the process, when an order is placed. The plans are short, no more than five payments, and sometimes with a hefty payment amount depending on what is ordered. We hold the product until the order is paid in full, so it takes planning. Usually, this is out-of-reach when you decide you want to do a session and need it quickly, but need to do a payment plan. 

When you start a TAG plan, it's on the front end. Therefore, you are paid-in-full by the time your images are done. You can walk away with your images when they are ready; there is no waiting! Your payment can be longer. It can be within your budget.

Every girl that I have talked to about this has been ecstatic! I actually just had a girl start a TAG plan this morning! We talked and figured up what would work best for her and she is now saving for her shoot next June.

I am very excited to put this in place and be able to offer our Adore Girls a way to make this happen. No excuses.

Are you ready to start your TAG savings plan?

Give us a call! 615-336-4256

I look forward to meeting you!


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