Miss K is Planning a Session: Part 1 - A Client's Experience

Miss Katrina has a vintage session coming up and she was kind enough to volunteer to share her experience from beginning to end! 


Hello everyone!  My name is Katrina and I am totally excited about my upcoming session!  I am a wife, mother of four great children, business owner and animal lover. 

This past year, my husband and I visited Nashville for the first time for my 43rd birthday and absolutely loved it. In November, we couldn't take it anymore and just had to come back.  That's when we found Tatyana's Boutique.  My husband talked me into trying on the sailor dress and, for half the afternoon, he had a blast dressing me up 50's style in the wonderful outfits in their store.  When I was changing into the first dress, he discovered that the some of the photos on the wall were done in the Adore Girls' studio upstairs.  If he could have booked my session and taken me upstairs right then and there, he would have.  Unfortunately, they were booked and instead had to settle for taking 3 dresses home that day.  

Although I'm sure he will love it, I am actually not doing this for my husband.  I doing this for me.  Last year, I made a commitment to start giving myself the care and attention that I give everyone else.  As any mother or business owner can attest to, most of us have a bad habit of taking care of everyone and everything leaving ourselves last.  Up until that time, I was no exception.  This time last year, I looked into the mirror and did not recognize the woman looking back at me.  She was tired, overweight and, most of the time, frumpy.  Of course, if the occasion called for it, I reluctantly got "dressed."  But the girl who used to dress up for no reason, who used to make it a point of going and enjoying life, playing and having fun was nowhere to be found and I missed her.  Last February, I began made it a mission to find her again.  

I've been thinking of doing a photo shoot for years now but either didn't have time or thought I was too fat, or not photogenic enough.  You know the usual.  Last year, I ordered a fabulous dress in the 50's style and just fell in love.  I got serious about doing an actual shoot about six months ago and I love old style pin-up.  I started looking into studios and photographers in our area.  I found many have a generic look and use the same poses for each session whether or not they are flattering for the models.  Others do heavy Photoshopping and still others do not look like the models were very comfortable. Being curvy, I want a photographer that can flatter and accentuate my assets and minimize flaws - not Photoshop them out.  When I viewed The Adore Girls gallery, they were exactly what I was looking for.  The fact they do old school Hollywood glamour and Pin-up style was a huge plus!  This was my Christmas present to myself this year and, when I told my husband we were going to Nashville, he immediately asked if I had booked my session.  

Of course, I'm a bit nervous about how they are going to turn out.  I'm nervous that I may not bring the right outfits.  I'm not where I want to be physically, I am still working on losing my extra squishy stuff and, at my age, it's hard and taking forever, so that is bugging me, too.  But hey, I figure corsets can be my friend, right?  If I ever do get down to my desired weight, I can always come back.  And what a better way to start a weekend in Nashville than to do something fun and sexy! 

I have requested a session with a couple different looks.  I just can't make up my mind if I want to do boudoir, old Hollywood glamour or Pin-up; I want to do all of them!  My outfits are leaning towards the Hollywood glamour and Pin-up looks.  The day before my session, I have booked a spa day - body scrub, facial, mani and pedi to get myself feeling pampered and pretty.  But other than that, I'm not really doing anything special.  This is who I am and I can't wait!

Here are a few of the the outfits I am planning so far...

The dress that started it.


Glamour dress from Tatyana's Boutique.


Sailor dress my husband loves, also from Tatyana's.


Pictures do not do it justice. Really cool old Hollywood style black corset, ruffle panties, gloves and stockings from Frederick's of Hollywood. To be worn under the black glamour dress.

Really cool shoes from Boston Proper that I am dying to find an outfit for!