Featured Girl Friday - Miss L

This week's Featured Girl came to celebrate a big milestone with us! Miss L was full of life, laughter, and genuine happiness. We absolutely loved having her in our Nashville studio, and are looking forward to the next time that we get to hang out with her!

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Miss L is a 50-year-old beauty from Madison, Alabama. She is a fierce entrepreneur who owns a concrete wall company, and also likes to remodel houses and take care of a LOT of dogs and horses! Her proudest accomplishment is her family - she has 2 wonderful daughters and 4 awesome grandchildren.

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Prior to booking, what hesitations did you have about a boudoir shoot?

"I was scared that it would be awkward and I would pay a lot of money and they would not look good enough to show anyone! But it was awesome! So much fun and I loved the photos! In fact, I tried to lose weight before the shoot but could never do it - afterwards I was more self confident and have actually lost weight!  It was a life changer!  I literally dress different and have more self confidence than I have had in years! My boyfriend (who is 33 - 4 days younger than my oldest daughter) said he was surprised I had not rented a billboard on the interstate because I have whipped them out and showed them to so many people!  Anyone know how much a billboard costs?  LOL"

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What specifically made you give us a call? 

"The Adore Girls returned my phone call immediately and made me feel like I was important! They did not put me off and then send me a stock email weeks later! From the first I felt comfortable and they had me laughing!"

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Was your session a gift for anyone special? Or was this one just for you?

"I did this to celebrate my 50th birthday! Wanted to prove to myself that I may be half a century but still sexy!"

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How did your session with The Adore Girls differ from what you were expecting before entering our studio?

"I had FUN!  I was not nervous or self conscience and I cannot wait to do it again!"

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How did your session impact you as a woman?

"I do not hide in oversized clothes with no makeup on anymore! I stand tall (or at least as tall as a 5'2 person can stand!) and proud and if anyone sees a little bulge or wrinkle then they can like it or take a hike!"

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What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?

"The instant camaraderie with everyone involved!"

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If you could give advice to a woman who was on the fence about booking a session, what would you tell her?

"Go for it! You will not regret it!"

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