Featured Girl Friday - Miss Y

Our Featured Adore Girl this week came to us in a slightly different way than normal...but our time with her was just as awesome as it could be! We loved celebrating with her, and know that you'll enjoy her story just as much as we do!

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville heels

Miss Y is a 30 year-old beauty from Charlotte, NC. She works as a Business Manager Assistant in a marketing office. She is a Zumba instructor, and loves to travel and dance. Her most recent proud accomplishment was to finish school and obtain her BA with honors while working full-time and traveling!

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville black onesie

Prior to booking, what hesitations did you have about a boudoir shoot?

"I did not book my session. It was a surprised birthday gift and it was booked by one of my best friends and sister. Then my other friend ordered my outfits for this session. Once again, I didn't know anything about this. I came to celebrate my birthday and visit my friend in Nashville and when I arrived she told me I need you to be ready tomorrow at this time, you are going to take a photo shoot session - no questions asked. I arrived to the boudoir shoot and the rest is history."

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville sheet shots

What specifically made you give us a call? 

"I love pictures. I'm guilty of taking selfies, and I like taking pictures overall. I feel that pictures captures memories that we can always go back and relive the experience that made us feel. If it wasn't for my friends and sister I don't think I would have called. Boudoir shoot wasn't something that would cross my mind of doing but I am glad they did."

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville booty

Was your session a gift for anyone special? Or was this one just for you?

"It was a big celebration leaving my 20th and saying hello 30th, since I currently don't have significant other this session it was for me, so I can look back say, damn I was so hot lol!"

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville black detail

How did your session with The Adore Girls differ from what you were expecting before entering our studio?

"I didn't have any expectations since I didn't have time to process it. I can tell you that the boudoir shoot made me feel comfortable with my own skin. Yes, I am shy even wearing a bathing suit. It made me feel like a real model, it make me feel like a Victoria Secret model, very special. I was excited for the adventure. It was definitely something different for me."

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville boho

How did your session impact you as a woman?

"This session made me feel empowered, and like I can accomplish anything that I am determined to make work. I am beautiful inside and out and nobody can take that away from me. As women we have to love ourselves and take care of ourselves. Life gets busy with work, families and kids, and we have to give a little bit more credit to ourselves because nobody else will."

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville couch

What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?

"My favorite part of the boudoir experience is that I could be myself and just enjoy the whole experience without hesitation."

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville sheet shot

If you could give advice to a woman who was on the fence about booking a session, what would you tell her?

"Don't think about it just do it! This session will blow your mind, it's for you and only you!"

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