Featured Girl Friday - Miss E

We LOVE it when girls love their boudoir experience so much that they just have to come back for more. Miss E is one of our Adore Girls that we have gotten the pleasure of hanging out with for a few sessions, and we have so much fun every single time! We love watching her confidence bloom and her amazing personality shine through!

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Miss E is a 38 years-young beauty from Nashville. She is married to an amazing man, and together they have 3 boys - ages 18, 11, and 8. Miss E is a Paramedic by trade, and spends most of her off-time at the baseball fields cheering on her little stars! She also enjoys spending time watching hockey with her family, both on tv and at the rink! Her proudest accomplishment is finding the strength to manage to get herself and her kids out of an abusive relationship...and then developing the trust to find the love of her life!

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Prior to booking, what hesitations did you have about a boudoir shoot?

"It would be easier to tell you what hesitations did I not have. I was nothing but nerves! I have never thought of myself as photogenic, so I worried what if I spend this money and NONE of the photos are good. I am also super self-conscious and have low self-esteem from things I went through in my past. Then there was the whole thing of getting half naked/naked in front people that I didn’t know who were going to be armed with cameras...YIKES! I am not a girly girl and honestly had no clue how to look/pose sexy. I specifically remember talking to myself out loud before my first shoot saying 'breathe, it’s ok' and praying that I didn’t have a panic attack in the middle of the shoot."

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What specifically made you give us a call?

"A friend pushed me to do a boudoir shoot . She said that it would do wonders for my self-esteem issues. I started following The Adore Girls on social media... I loved their message of empowering women and OMG their photos were Over The Top AMAZING! I fought with the idea for awhile because I kept looking at photos of women that they would post and I just couldn’t see me being able to look that beautiful, that hot, or that sexy. Finally, I caved and gave them a call....I now wish that I had called them much sooner! I am looking forward to my 4th shoot with The Adore Girls!"

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Was your session a gift for anyone special? Or was this one just for you?

"My first session was partly for me...to prove to myself that I can be beautiful and sexy. However my main goal was to blow my husband's mind on Christmas night after all the kiddos had gone to bed! 😉 We’ll just say that I won the Best Gift EVER Award!"

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How did your session with The Adore Girls differ from what you were expecting before entering our studio?

"I expected the shoot to be super planned and following a strict schedule. I expected that Jamie and Courtney would tell me what they wanted me to do and then I would just have to try my best to create that look. I guess I also expected it to be a little impersonal...I mean Jamie and Courtney didn’t know me and I didn’t know them.

It was actually the total opposite of everything that I expected. When you go in, Jamie and Courtney are there for you. Yes, they will have a general plan/layout of what they want to do, but they are super flexible....if something is not working, they just change things up and will keep doing that or whatever it takes to get your best shots. And yes, Jamie and Courtney did tell me what to do pose wise, but they did so by getting on the floor, chair, bed, etc and actually showing me how to do it. As far as that impersonal thought....yeah you can toss that too! From the second that you step into one of the Adore Girl studios it’s like you’re meeting up with some besties that you haven’t seen in awhile. There is music playing, everyone singing and dancing along, just goofing off in general. It makes for a really relaxed atmosphere, and you leave the studio thinking where have these girls been all of my life? These are the ladies that I would like to be having girls night/days with! Jamie and Courtney are too fun!!!!"

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How did your session impact you as a woman?

"The session itself brought me out of my comfort zone and showed me that I can do things that scare me. Not only that, my self-esteem went off the charts! I cried after seeing my photos from my first session, and I cried after the 2nd and 3rd sessions as well. The Adore Girls showed me that I do have an inner Bombshell. They taught me that I’m a strong, beautiful woman whether my hair is in a messy bun with no makeup on, or if I’m glammed up in lingerie. A few hours with these ladies are seriously better than therapy!!!"

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What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?

"There are so many favorite parts. I always love Ms. Sara’s Makeover...she is amazing! I love love love the actual shoot! It’s so laid back and between the singing, dancing and joking around you can't help but have fun while you’re getting some pretty great photos taken. Oh, and the “Courtney-isms” that you will get to hear..... My Fav: 'If your arching your back and it doesn’t hurt and you can still breathe.....you're doing it wrong....MORE ARCH!'😂 And OMG....the image debut!!!! I always go in thinking 'I just hope that I can pick out enough photos that I like to make a book', then they load the images and there are seriously 100+ photos and yeah they are all incredible! But it’s fun to pick, choose, and compare."

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If you could give advice to a woman who was on the fence about booking a session, what would you tell her?

"Go for it! You will not be disappointed, and you will come out feeling empowered and more confident that you ever thought possible. I have referred a couple of friends, one just had her 2nd shoot, and the other had her first, but is already planning on a 2nd. Step outside your comfort zone....you will not regret it! Remember, you are beautiful just the way that you are....The Adore Girls just have a way to play on that natural beauty and capture it on film. I promise that you will cherish those images forever."

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