Featured Girl Friday - Miss C

This week's Featured Girl came to our Nashville studio in June, and we are absolutely in LOVE with her images! She is so much fun to be around, and we hope to have her in again in the future!

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville lace bodysuit

Miss C is a 23 year-old single woman from Mount Juliet, TN. She is currently attending school to be a canine rehabilitation therapist, and loves to weight-lift in her free time. She is especially proud of her commitment to a healthier lifestyle and losing 45 pounds, as well as her decision to go back to school and pursue something she's truly passionate about.

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville red bodysuit

Prior to booking, what hesitations did you have about a boudoir shoot?

"Being practically naked in front of someone you just met. Also, that ‘what if’ thought that I wasn’t pretty/sexy enough to have my pictures turn out how I envisioned them."

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville booty shot

What specifically made you give us a call?

"I wanted to step outside my comfort zone & celebrate the fact that I’ve worked so hard in my fitness journey and wanted to celebrate that and feel confident and sexy."

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville fur blanket

Was your session a gift for anyone special? Or was this one just for you?

"The session started as a gift, but really just turned into something for myself to celebrate the body I’ve worked so hard for."

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville close up lips

How did your session with The Adore Girls differ from what you were expecting before entering our studio?

"I was not really sure what to expect. I’ve never done a photoshoot or anything. So I was nervous I wouldn’t know how to pose or be ‘sexy’, but Courtney instructed me the whole time making it SO comfortable and made me feel really good about myself."

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville red bodysuit

How did your session impact you as a woman?

"It made me realize I am beautiful, sexy, and confident. I don’t just have to pick just one of those, because I am all of those. You can be in touch with your feminine side and also go a tear up the weight room with the boys. Which is what I tend to do."

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville lace bodysuit in window

What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?

"Arriving and getting hair & makeup done there makes it so much more exciting! Getting little sneak peaks of the photos throughout the session. Also, just how completely comfortable they make you feel and good about yourself. They truly love what they do and it makes the experience so worth it!"

The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville sheet shot
The Adore Girls Boudoir Nashville close up

If you could give advice to a woman who was on the fence about booking a session, what would you tell her?

"JUST DO IT. No matter what body type you have or stage in your life you’re at. These pictures are worth it. For yourself or someone special. I didn’t recognize myself in the image debut - in a good way. I left confident & empowered. Forget the fear, step outside your comfort zone, and just do it! You will not regret it!"

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