Featured Girl Friday - Miss S

Our Featured Girl this week is Miss S! We had so much fun celebrating her beauty, and think her images captured her confidence and grace perfectly!

The Adore Girls Boudoir Photography-0051.jpg

Miss S is a 46 year-old stunner who is originally from South Louisiana, but has lived in Nashville for 12 years now. She has been married for 23 years, and has 19 year-old twin boys who are now in college. Miss S really loves to hike and run, and has been training for a half marathon in Las Vegas! Her proudest accomplishment is her boys. She says, “I am so proud of the young men they are becoming.”

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The Adore Girls Boudoir Photography-0182.jpg

Prior to booking, what hesitations did you have about a boudoir shoot?

“Fear of the unknown. I had no frame of reference and had no idea what to expect. But, my fears were quickly put at ease by you guys.”

The Adore Girls Boudoir Photography-0058.jpg

What specifically made you give us a call?

“I have always thought boudoir and old pin up type photos were beautiful. It was a bucket list thing for me.”

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The Adore Girls Boudoir Photography-0316.jpg

Was your session a gift for anyone special? Or was this one just for you?

“My session was for me and a way to get out of my comfort zone. It definitely helped boost my self confidence.”

The Adore Girls Boudoir Photography-0133.jpg

How did your session with The Adore Girls differ from what you were expecting before entering our studio?

“I was put at ease before even stepping foot in the studio. It was just as expected. You really get so comfortable that being partially clothed seems completely normal.”

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The Adore Girls Boudoir Photography-0099.jpg

How did your session impact you as a woman?

“I love my photos. I can look back when I'm much older a say ‘I really did that!' It was so much fun!”

The Adore Girls Boudoir Photography-0265.jpg

What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?

“It's really nice to have your hair and makeup professionally done. I love the head shots as much as the rest of the photos.”

The Adore Girls Boudoir Photography-0285.jpg
The Adore Girls Boudoir Photography-0105.jpg

If you could give advice to a woman who was on the fence about booking a session, what would you tell her?

“You will only regret NOT doing it. You only live once.”

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