Featured Session(s): A Canadian Invasion!

Last month, our downtown studio had not one, but two beautiful visitors from Canada book spur-of-the-moment vintage sessions with us during the same week! 

Our first Canadian beauty, Miss C., came to Nashville from Nova Scotia with her husband for vacation. While they were shopping in the Tatyana boutique on Broadway, she noticed one of our signs in the window. She said she had always wanted to do a pinup photo session, so she called to see if we had any appointments available that week. Luckily, we did!

After a quick tour of the studio and a discussion about what type of look Miss C. wanted for her photos, she decided to do a combination of traditional pinup and "Old Hollywood glam." She rented two dresses from the Tatyana boutique, borrowed another dress from our studio's wardrobe collection, and she brought one evening dress of her own to wear. Then, our talented hair/makeup artist, Lydia, went to work transforming Miss C. into a gorgeous 1950's era starlet!

Miss C. had so much fun playing in our studio that afternoon while her patient husband busied himself down on Broadway. I loved seeing her adorable reactions whenever I'd show her the images on the back of my camera. Here are some of my favorite shots from Miss C.'s session:

Our second Canadian visitor was a blonde beauty from Vancouver, Miss T., who had traveled to Nashville by herself. She also saw our sign in the window of the Tatyana boutique, just as Miss C. had, and thought it would be fun to book a vintage session while she was in town. We were so happy that we were able to work her into our schedule!

I was very impressed by Miss T.'s sense of adventure and independence. After all, it takes guts to travel to another country all by yourself! However, I was so interested in hearing about Miss T.'s travels that I completely forgot to take a "before" picture prior to Lydia doing her hair and makeup. Oops! 

Miss T. wanted to mix up her look with some traditional 50's housewife shots and a little bit of rockabilly bad girl. She already had some fabulous leather pants that she wanted to wear for her rockabilly photos, and she rented some gorgeous pieces from Tatyana to complete her wardrobe. Here are some of my favorite shots from Miss T.'s vintage photo session: 

One of my favorite things about having our vintage studio downtown is the fact that I get to meet so many interesting people, such as these two bombshells from the Great White North. Miss C. and Miss T., I hope you both enjoyed your time in Nashville and your photo sessions at our studio. We certainly enjoyed having you! Maybe you'll have to come back and do it again sometime, eh? ;)