Jamie's Planning a Session Part 1 - A Boudoir Photographer's Experience in Front of the Camera


Some know and most don't that I scheduled my own boudoir shoot with a phenomenal fellow boudoir photographer and friend. I am finding myself with just as much nerves as the next woman with an upcoming session. "WHAT in the hell am I doing?", "Umm...you shouldn't eat that cheeseburger!" and the biggest "I can't do sexy face!" are a few of the thoughts that keep going through my brain. I am only human...and a girl..who doesn't do sexy face.

So I thought it would be fun to share my journey, my fears, my insecurities and my experience with you. I may be a boudoir photographer and I may be around it every single day, but when it is my turn to be in front of the camera in my panties I am still a girl just like you and scared as hell. 

About a month and a half before Christmas I was sitting around wondering what in the world I was going to get my husband for Christmas. The man has absolutely everything and this year I found myself truly stumped. Then the thought of a boudoir session popped in my head. 

I hit up my fellow boudie, who's work I have admired for years now and we started talking about a session. We scheduled the big day for Tuesday, January 19th. Yes, it's way after Christmas but our anniversary is January 31st so it will be for both but mostly for me. heeeheeee

I have had boudoir photos done in the past but I have never went to another photographer and had the experience as an actual client. My "sessions"  were me literally waking up in the morning, checking our calendar to see if we had anything going on in the studio and packing a bag. My sister has taken my photos and Miss Courtney Bell. I didn't go out and buy anything, I didn't plan a thing and I didn't have anyone do my makeup. This is all great because it proves that you don't have to go out and buy anything or give it much thought. On those days I still had the nerves and the insecurities, I just thought screw it, lets do it. All of my sessions that I have had with Lindsey and Courtney I loved, but I always had some kind of control over the session and images. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a bit of a control freak. I had control over my hair, my makeup (both questionable), the posing, the set up at times, how the images were going to be taken and most of all the editing. I culled and edited my own sessions.

Well now I am taking my happy ass to another photographer and truly giving up all control from beginning to end. I think that is what is scaring the hell out of me. ha! I absolutely wholeheartedly trust my fellow boudoir photographer and it is gong to be amazing but giving up that control...oh goodness. I will just be another client who will enjoy the experience from beginning to end just like you. Just another client with the same insecurities as the next. I want to ask Kelley the minute I get there if she will edit out my cellulite, tuck my love handles, push in my mid-drift and edit out my damn wrinkles. I want to immediately apologize for having a baby bulge, for having small boobs and a saggy ass, for having cellulite on my thighs, for having a zit on my ass and for not being able to do "sexy face". I won't do this though. You know why? Because I trust her and I know that every single woman has imperfections. Plus, and the biggest thing, my husband loves my little boobs and my ass. (seriously he would have one hand on a boob and one on a butt cheek at all times if he could.) So I have to keep reminding myself of all of that. She has seen it all  just like I have. So I will give up all control, sit back and enjoy the hell out of my day. 


So here we go...

I am so going to work out!

This was my thought as soon as I scheduled the session. I thought to myself I need to get rid of whatever the hell is going on in the mid-drift area. Mind you I scheduled this session right before Thanksgiving, so now I have to get through the biggest eating day of the year and Christmas and New Years. So smart on my part. I talked to Richie Lee, who own Karisma Fitness that is literally right underneath the studio, and asked him if I could work out down here in preparation. He of course agreed. That was a month and a half ago. Have I touched a gym? NOPE. So here I sit 9 days before my session and I haven't done one sit up, one squat or one push-up. What I have done however is eat. I love food and I don't like exercising. That is just the damn truth. So at this point...hell with it. 

The planning!

I am actually planning a session and OH MY GOODNESS it is so much fun. I  may have went a little over board. I now understand why my girls bring me 3,498 pieces of wardrobe for their four wardrobe change shoot. My shoot includes five changes. I am pretty sure I have about eight or nine to take with me. I found some amazing shops online that I may or may not be obsessed with. 

I LOVE bodysuits. I am beyond excited that they are a "thing" right now. Since I haven't touched a gym and there is that whole mid-drift thing still happening they are perfect for me. They keep that thing covered up!

My first purchase for my session was this...all of this. These two pieces came from Nastygal.com GAH, I love it. A simple plunge bodysuit and a gorgeous lace skirt.

I don't look exactly like this in it but whatevs.

I don't look exactly like this in it but whatevs.


Next up another gorgeous get up from Nastygal.com. A high-waisted pantie and a gorgeous halter top type bra.


I found this teddy again, on Nastygal.com. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this piece. It fits like a dream. And yes I like the color black. Don't judge.

I found this bodysuit on Tobi.com This is for a more cozy look. I didn't really know how it would fit or look when I ordered it. When it came in and I tried it on, I fell in love.

A couple of other pieces in my arsenal, again from Nastygal.com.
I may or may not be obsessed with that website.

I do have a couple regular bra and pantie sets and a few other ideas. I need to have a dress up day here and figure out what all I want to do. My husband plays the guitar and LOVES Led Zeppelin (Seriously, we have a Zeppelin painting in our kitchen) so I may sneak away his guitar and cut up my Zeppelin shirt for a little rocker look. Who am I kidding that is most likely going to happen. 

I can tell you one thing, it is so much fun to plan a session!

just so freakin excited.jpg

So at this point I am beyond excited AND I am scared as SHIT. 

So here we go. Next update will be after the session. Wish me luck!