A Look into The Adore Girls 2016

Good Morning!

2016 is going to be an exciting year in The Adore Girls Studios! What is happening you ask? Let me just tell you.

First we have a huge change happening in the pinup studio. The pinup studio has had a brand overhaul and now will now be known as The Adore Girls Vintage. 

Courtney has been a rock star over at the pinup studio. She has worked her tail off growing the studio and it's portfolio and learning and honing different vintage styles. The Adore Girls Vintage Studio will now offer Old Hollywood Glam, Film Noir, gorgeous Vintage Boudoir and of course the traditional Pinup. The new styles are absolutely gorgeous and encompass all the different vintage eras. 

We are combining both studios under one website, theadoregirls.com, and combining them on Facebook as well. We want all of our clients, no matter which studio you choose to have your photoshoot, to have the same experience that you will only find at The Adore Girls. In the Vintage Studio you will now enjoy complimentary mimosas while in hair and makeup, view fully edited images at your Image Debut and choose from the same gorgeous products as in the boudoir studio. The menus and pricing will be the same at both studios too making it less confusing.

Ask Your Photographer!

We will be starting a weekly video series here in the next couple of weeks. We are very excited about this! We will be answering your questions and talking about different topics each week. Everyone has unanswered questions, reservations and fears about doing a professional photo shoot. We want to put those fears to rest and answer any questions you have! You can comment below if you have a question or fill out this form to ask a questions anonymously. 

Stay tuned to learn about more happenings in the studio!

Until next time...

Jamie PfisterComment