First and foremost, know that nerves are completely normal. It is not everyday that you have professional pictures taken in lingerie. Our staff have each had their own boudoir session and know firsthand the nerves that come along with it. We do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible. We treat every client like an old girlfriend. We tell stories, cut up and laugh a lot. Know that no one walks in our door, strips down and goes straight into a pose. We don't sit, stand, lay or pose like this every day. For this reason, we coach you through every step of the shoot. We have a little saying in the studio - "the sillier you feel the sexier it looks!"

Remember to trust your photographer. As women, we are our own worst critics. Often, we help a client into a pose and her first reaction is to look down and start thinking, "My thighs look huge, my thigh highs are cutting into me, and this can't look good." You have to trust us. Boudoir is all about the posing, lighting and angle at which we are shooting. We always, and I mean ALWAYS, have your best interest in mind.

Treat yourself to a mani and/or pedi. Take yourself shopping for a new piece of wardrobe. Have your hair touched up. Whatever makes you feel fabulous! 


The emphasis in the images is on you and the story and the emotion we capture during the shoot, not so much on the wardrobe. You want to keep your wardrobe within the lingerie realm and you want it to make sense in our studio setting which is set up as a home. Don't saturate your wardrobe with a theme or props. 

Think about what you are comfortable in. If you are not a lingerie girl, go to a store and try on all the different types and styles to find out what you are comfortable in and what flatters your body type best. If you are ordering pieces online give yourself enough time to try it on and return it for a different size if you need to. 

Here are a few wardrobe ideas.

  • Wide neck sweater, deep V shirt, tank top, t-shirt or paired with a cute pair of panties 
  • Cardigans with a pantie for that cozy look
  • Nighties or babydolls
  • Bra and pantie set paired with a silk or sheer robe
  • Bra and pantie set paired with a garter and thigh highs
  • Just a bra and pantie set
  • Teddies are always sexy. (We LOVE to shoot teddies!) *teddies are a one-piece body suit*
  • His shirt paired with a sexy pair of panties, thigh highs and heels
  • Our signature and so sexy sheet shots. Just you and our white sheets. *our sheet shots do count as a wardrobe change*
  • Sheer button down with a bra and pantie or skirt 

We keep heels in the studio that everyone is welcome to, as well. We have black heels in sizes 5 through 10 and colorful fun heels in random sizes. 

Scheduling an in-studio consultation is the best way to see what we have available and to help plan your wardrobe. 

Places to shop in person and online for gorgeous lingerie:

Remember to:

Hydrate before your session. Good hydration helps give your skin a gorgeous glow.

Please do not starve yourself before your session. Remember to eat a good breakfast or lunch. 

If you have your eyebrows waxed before the session, please do so 2-3 days before. This allows time for any redness or swelling to disappear. 

If you paint your nails and toes make sure they are done. You do not have to have them painted but do not come with chipped paint on your nails.

Shave or wax armpits and bikini lines.

Wash your hair the night before or the morning of your session and give it a good blow out. Please do not use any product in your hair or use hot tools. Please do not come to the studio with wet hair. 

For the Dream Session: Arrive to the studio with no makeup on. Moisturizer is fine, but please do not apply any other makeup products. This gives our artists a clean slate. 

For the Starter Session: Arrive to the studio with your hair and makeup done and ready to shoot. We do not allot hair and makeup prep time.

Try to wear loose, non-restrictive clothing to the studio. This helps avoid any red lines caused by tight clothing. We suggest wearing yoga pants and a button down top that is easy to take off after hair and makeup is done. Please do NOT wear jeans or tight leggings. If you wear a bra to the studio, we will ask you to take it off while in hair and makeup to let any lines relax. We do have comfortable robes that you can change into while in hair and makeup. 

Let's talk tanning. One of the things we hear most is "I need to tan before the session." We understand that almost all women feel better with a tan. Unfortunately this is the ONE thing that we strongly do NOT recommend. If you come to your session with a deep tan from the sun or tanning bed or with a fresh spray tan, the chances of your skin photographing orange are very high. This is due to high quality lighting and the way the color photographs through our camera equipment. We are not responsible for fixing tan lines or skin blotches from a spray tan. We do not color correct skin tones in editing. Please be advised that we strongly discourage any kind of tanning before your session. Deep tans and spray tans will leave you orange in your photos and also cause blotchy. Tanning beds can cause you to appear orange in your photos and also cause white spots on your tail bone and under your butt and arms. 

Every single woman walks through our door as a client and leaves as a friend. We love our Adore Girls and love having you as part of The Adore Girl family. 

Jamie and Courtney