You did a photo session with my wife, Miss A, recently and she sent the album to me in Afghanistan for Christmas and it is, without a doubt, the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten! I wanted to send you my thanks, not for showing me how beautiful and sexy my wife is because I’ve known that since the day I met her, but for showing her that a 40 something mother of three, Army wife with a full time career of her own can still be sexy and seductive and alluring. Your work is very classy, erotic and tasteful. Thank you for giving my Miss A a much needed boost to her confidence and self esteem. I tell her all the time how beautiful and sexy she is but you guys proved it to her and she’s absolutely thrilled about it.

Oh yeah, I have encouraged her to sign the release for promotion and PR so if she doesn’t call you soon, call her and remind her! It’d be a shame not to share her beauty with the rest of the world!!

Sincerely appreciative,

Seargeant SD
United States Army”