Cut the Bullshit. Run Your Business and Make Money

Cut the Bullshit. Run Your Business and Make Money

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Las Vegas - February 8th at 11am at the Aria

We opened up one more seat!
Choose from two options. 

1. Vegas Workshop Only - $375
2. Vegas Workshop plus a 2 hour one-on-one business analysis and pricing Skype call after the class - $500



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We opened up one more seat!

Join The Adore Girls in Las Vegas on February 8th for a transparent, no bullshit workshop on running a successful boudoir studio and pricing yourself to make real money.

This workshop, taught by owner/photographer, Jamie Pfister, and her associate photographer, Courtney Bell, will give you an in-depth look into their successful boudoir studio and what you need to take yours to the next level.

Topics that will be discussed during this four-hour class include:

  • Why it is ok to make money and value your time and work.
  • Why setting goals is so important.
  • How to determine your minimum price point but design a menu for maximum profit. Worksheet and formulas included.
  • The importance of analyzing your monthly profit and loss to improve your business and achieve your financial goals.
  • The importance of simplifying your menu. We will look at the past two years of our menus and pricing. What worked, what didn't and most importantly why.
  • The psychology of sales - The importance of in person sales. Incentives, how we sell and what our clients are spending.
  • The importance of creating an excellent client experience before, during and after their session. The client experience starts on the phone and will raise your bookings.
  • Open Q&A and round table discussion.