Welcome to The Adore Girls' Music Shop!

All of the music found in the catalogs below are 100% original, royalty-free songs, written by The Adore Girls, specifically for (but certainly not limited to) use in boudoir photography and videography-related projects.

Our Short Songs catalog contains songs that are up to 1-minute in length, making them the perfect length for Instagram-friendly promo videos.

Our Long Songs catalog contains songs that are 1.5-minutes in length or longer, making them more suitable for longer promotional videos, full-length client videos, and photography slideshows.

Songs may be purchased individually, or you can save by purchasing a 5-song bundle!

We will be updating both catalogs as we continue to crank out new music, so be sure to check back often!

Perfect for shorter promo videos and Instagram

Perfect for longer promo videos/client videos/slideshows