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This 3-4 hour Skype class, taught by owner/photographer, Jamie Pfister, and her associate photographer, Courtney Bell, will give you an in-depth look into their successful boudoir studio and what you need to take yours to the next level. We will look at our real 2016 Profit and Loss, teach you how to read yours to maximize your business, teach our pricing methods and why they work, psychology of the sale and so much more. Included is our Cut the Bullshit PDF booklet with worksheets.
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I’ve been following Jamie and Courtney’s photography work for quite some time. I knew how successful they’ve been in recent years, so I jumped on the opportunity to learn what has worked, and hasn’t worked for them in business. The workshop went way more in depth with crunching numbers, and really understanding all aspects of my business than any other mentor or teacher I’ve worked with has before. It has really helped me focus on what I need to change and improve upon, but more importantly has given me more confidence to reach my goals. I definitely recommend doing this workshop or a one-on-one call if you want to step up to the next level!
-Tamara Paskey-Alexander | Paskey Boudoir | Dallas, TX
Jamie’s “Cut the bullshit” class has been the kick in the ass I needed to revamp my 10 year old business and get back in stride. Having someone make you take a hard look at where you are in your business was just what I needed. Since taking her Vegas workshop I’ve restructured my pricing, been looking at my P&L statements for trends and learning more about the ebb and flow of my business. I’ve been taking a real close look at my branding and client experience too. She helped me get out of denial about where I am in my business, stop shaming myself and get my ass up and working again. I’m so grateful that I took this class.
Ginger Curry-Richmond | 422 Studio | Richmond, VA
I started my photography journey not realizing that I’d actually be running a business and taking jamie’s class has given me the business tools and knowledge to grab the business side of photography by the balls (can I say that?) and really understand the nuts and bolts of how my studio should be running and how it is currently running to show where I could make improvements. I can now say that I have more confidence than I have to really make this dream a reality that is totally doable.
Julie Socher | Julie Socher Photography | Alexandria, VA