Cut the Bullshit - Wed. 6/13 @9am

Cut the Bullshit - Wed. 6/13 @9am


Wednesday June 13th @ 9:00am

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Join Jamie Pfister & Courtney Bell for this 3 hour class taking an in depth look at business.
Wednesday June 13th at 9am

Topics that will be discussed during this class include:

  • The importance of analyzing your business to better understand it through reports, what they can tell you and how to implement the information to reach your financial goals.
  • Our menu design and pricing method. Why it’s so simple, why it works, and how to sell it.
  • Having a staff. How to know when are you ready, what positions you need, and how having a staff can boost your revenue.
  • Every attendee will receive our Cut the Bullshit booklet with more information, formulas and worksheets
  • Become a member of our Cut the Bullshit Facebook Group for questions, follow ups, discounts on upcoming workshops and more.

Seats are transferable, but non-refundable.